(if we paid our phone bill)

CLICK HERE for an Important Message from the President & C.E.O & Receptionist of Rio Juice
a division of International NaturalPolyBioOrganicFibre, LTD, Inc, Worldwide

Our customers lick their plates so clean we don't have to wash them!
(but we do!)

We are Authentic Brazilianpinos!
We really came from Brazil! 
We took Pico Boulevard all the way
from Rio de Janario.
(Pico Boulevard is the fastest way to get anywhere!)   CLICK HERE FOR MAP  of  Historic Route from Rio de Janiro to Uncivilized Brentwood.

Be sure to visit our web site! Wait a second, this IS our web site...!

Monday- Friday -8am-8pm
Sunday 9am-7pm
Unless Emile loses the key.

  • We deliver, if we're in the mood.
  • We cater parties.  If we don't lose the address.
  • Vegetarian & non-vegetarian. We, personally,  prefer cheeseburgers and pork jerky.
  • Delicious deserts, baked fresh once a week.
  • Our staff consists of one ugly man and three lovely ladies.

The Health Department gave us an "A".  Our staff takes a bubble bath before preparing every meal.

We have a new policy.   We don't pay our cashier anything. But we let her keep your change.


150 South Barrington Avenue
About a Block South of Sunset Blvd. in Brentwood. 

(We think that's our address.  Sometime we'll have to go outside and look at the numbers above the door when we have a chance.)
Right Across from the Barrington Post Office.
There's a bunch of big cracks in the sidewalks around us.  That's how we get new customers. They trip on the cracks and fall on their face and wander inside.
There's two elephant trees in front.
It's not too warm in here.

This space for rent.

We take All Credit Cards. 
And never give them back!

Every time you dine at Rio Juice you will have a surprise!

That's because we never get any order exactly right.

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